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I have two Questions 2 ask:-

(1).if principleamount =10,000 , Interest=4% abd Term=5Yrs(60 Months) then how to find EMI through PMT function or is there any function to find?????

(2) if I have EMI=350,Term=5yrs(60 Months) and Interest=4% then how to find Principal Amount????


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It took some searching to learn that EMI is "Equated Monthly Installments", so if that means what I think it does, you can use the MORT function, documented here.

For Q1:

data _null_;
   principal = 10000;
   interest = .04/12; /* Monthly rate */
   term = 60;
   payment = .;

   payment = mort(principal, payment , interest, term);
   put payment=;

For Q2:

data _null_;
   principal = .;
   interest = .04/12; /* Monthly rate */
   term = 60;
   payment = 350;

   principal = mort(principal, payment, interest, term);
   put principal=;

Notice that the MORT function returns whichever value is missing.

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