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I want to send 1999 to a text box in Selenium WebDriver (java). The following code is not working when I try to combine the key strokes into a string before sendkeys:

String allKeys = Keys.NUMPAD1 + Keys.NUMPAD9 + Keys.NUMPAD9 + Keys.NUMPAD9; 

Am getting this error:

The operator + is undefined for the argument type(s) org.openqa.selenium.Keys, org.openqa.selenium.Keys

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Instead of using:

String allKeys = Keys.NUMPAD1 + Keys.NUMPAD9 + Keys.NUMPAD9 + Keys.NUMPAD9; 

You should use:

driver.findelement(by.xpath(xpathExpr)).sendkeys(Keys.NUMPAD1, Keys.NUMPAD9, Keys.NUMPAD9, Keys.NUMPAD9);

Or use:

String allKeys = "1999";
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thanks. That helped. – Ibexy I Sep 26 '12 at 21:31

why not use send keys.

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thanks for all the help. I was actually learning to use the Keys class. yes I could have sent "1999". But I wanted to do it using the "Keys" – Ibexy I Sep 26 '12 at 21:30

Try this. It works for me!

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