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I Tried to Sort my ListView Items in Ascending Order, so i tried with

Model->sort(int Column, Qt::AscendingOrder)

It Works Fine, but I don't like the Qt::AscendingOrder policy. Indeed the function first sorts words beginning with an uppercase character and then sorts the other words starting with a lowercase character. Then it concatenates both results together. For Eg:

My ListView Items are: apple

And i'm getting the output as:  Ball

Is there any way to customize the Sort Policy? Plz Help me... Thanks in Advance.

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Why don't you just write your own sort function? –  Blood Sep 23 '12 at 15:23

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Use QSortFilterProxyModel and set sortCaseSensitivity to Qt::CaseInsensitive should do the trick.

Or derive your own model and override sort()

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Hi.. I tried with QSortFilterProxyModel, even after that i can't able to sort. The o/p remains the same. And another doubt is QTreeView and QTableView has the setSortingEnabled property, but why the QListView doesn't have that? can u please elaborate with ur piece of code. Thanks in Advance. –  New Moon Sep 24 '12 at 5:51

You could apply a trick. Add an extra column with the same labels, but convert them to lower case. Apply sort to this column.

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