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Is there any way to detect memory leaks in Flash ActionScript-3 project? what are the easier ways to achieve this in existing project ?

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First is to establish if you actually have a memory leak. For that, I would recommend using a performance stat tool that gives you real-time feedback on your memory usage.

One of the best ones that I've used is Mr. Doob's Stats tool:


Just add it to the stage with

addChild( new Stats() );

And you'll be able to watch your memory usage in real-time. Perform different actions to see what is causing the memory leak (is it just when you click on these buttons, or every frame, etc etc).

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The suggestion for Mr. Doob's Stats tool is a good one. Additionally if you are developing using flex builder professional you can use the built-in profiler. (your project does not have to be an actual flex project, you can develop pure as3 projects as well and still use the profiler)

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