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I have just installed the latest modx revo an my server. I also turned on SEO friendly URL. My pages are now /page/subpage.html Wanted to turn off the .html suffix but all the time a change it (no matter what I enter .htm / or empty) it'll show up and after I reload the settings page it changes to .html again.

There is a little red triangle (like in excel) in the upper left corner after I change it. What does that mean?

Flushed the cache several times as well.

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I thought modx updates this via AJAX - it looks like that. In the sys settings it works the same way. But I had to save it explicitly. Didn't see the save button at the top :-)

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Thanks! Exactly my situation. – Hnatt May 21 '13 at 15:28

It's not a system setting:

System -> Content Types -> Change .html to / or just blank.

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Looks like this was address & Solved here:

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