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I have looked all over the web for this sort of thing i've found lots of similar questions and articles but none answer this. I have a large HTML 5 application and i want to run it as an executable on windows as a full screen native application. I can image you could do it through a webkit later in c++ but i don't know c++ and don't have time to learn it thoroughly unfortunetly.

Can anyone suggest the best way to make my html5 application run as a full screen windows app?

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Rename the file extension to .hta

This will make it a HTML Application

Put this inside your head.

   showintaskbar = "no"
   caption = "no"
   border = "thick"
   contextmenu = "no"
   icon = "path_to_icon.ico"
   innerborder = "no"
   scroll = "no"
   singleinstance = "yes" 
   resizable = "no"
   windowState = "maximize"
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that's billiant never heard of that before, but unfortunetly it runs ies rendering engine where as my app has html5 features and jquery etc and only reall yworks well in chrome do you know of a similar software i could use? –  user1044220 Sep 23 '12 at 17:00
You may want to try something like Chrome Frame although I haven't tried it myself. –  jett Sep 23 '12 at 18:59
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Found a solution, I downloaded Chromium portable and put the app files in the same folder, then I start chromium portable with a .bat file like so:

@echo off
start %cd%/appdata/ChromiumPortable.exe --kiosk %cd%/appdata/app.html

which tells it to start in full screen mode and go straight to the app.html home page, hope it helps other people

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This looks promising:

You can develop apps with HTML5 and JavaScript and deploy them on windows, linux and even mac.

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You can create a Windows 8 App using HTML5 CSS & JavaScript:

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This does not seem a approach to take at this time for anything that could be used with the general public for the next few years, as Windows 8 isn't fully released yet. You might want to include a small example though? –  jett Sep 23 '12 at 15:40

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