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i am trying to make an audio file (*.mp3 , .wav etc) from a video file (.avi,*.mp4 etc) using xuggler here is my code

IMediaReader reader = ToolFactory.makeReader("D:/Frames/my.mp4");
IMediaWriter writer = ToolFactory.makeWriter("D:/a.mp3",reader);
int sampleRate = 44100;
int channels = 1;
writer.addAudioStream(0, 0, ICodec.ID.CODEC_ID_MP3, channels, sampleRate);
while (reader.readPacket() == null);

but its not create an audio file for me. please guide me where i am doing wrong. if you will correct it or provide some other code for this purpose which is different from mine then i'll be thankful.

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after searching a lot on internet about this problem i have found that i can do this same work with JAVE (Java Audio Video Encoder) so i try that and it works for me ..so i thought i post the solution there that if some one else face the same problem then he/she can see my work.

its actually use ffmpeg behind the scene and it will extract audio from video file and much more for encoding stuff. here is the link for JAVE http://www.sauronsoftware.it/projects/jave/index.php

also see one example there and i am posting it here also for your convenience

File source = new File("source.mp4");
File target = new File("target.mp3");
AudioAttributes audio = new AudioAttributes();
audio.setBitRate(new Integer(128000));
audio.setChannels(new Integer(2));
audio.setSamplingRate(new Integer(44100));
EncodingAttributes attrs = new EncodingAttributes();
Encoder encoder = new Encoder();
encoder.encode(source, target, attrs); 

hopefully it will help u..!

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do you aware to the fact that FFMPEG is under GPL licence? –  Dalvik Aug 6 at 9:54
no, sorry. i don't have its deep understanding. –  sallu Nov 24 at 5:44

You should make the writer listen to the reader for packets.


That's all you need to get it working.

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