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I am using FBRequestConnetion to post[only text] on the wall. But, the problem there is deprecated class in latest FacebookSDK , which is FBDialog.

So, Is there any other UIComponent in latest FacebookSDK, through which I can achieve the FBDialog Behaviour to post on the wall.

Or I have to design my own UI and use FBRequestConnection.

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Take a look at SDK that was just released + this link for a a native UI built on top of iOS6: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/howtos/ios-6/

You can also look at the updated sample HelloFacebookSample that's included in the SDK that shows how you can post a status update for a user.

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I'm confused about this too. Looking at the HelloFacebookSample sample from the SDK, that's what I understand:

  • In the previous SDK, we could display a dialog where the user can customise the message, and choose to post or cancel. I think this didn't require any special Facebook permissions.

  • Now iOS6 has a nice native dialog, but the iOS5 fallback is to post directly using FBRequestConnection - which just posts directly without any dialog, and also requires the "publish_action" permission.

I guess I arrived at the same conclusion, if we want a nice dialog on iOS5, we have to:

  • create the UI ourselves (maybe imitating the IOS6 popup) and ask for the new permission
  • or use the deprecated headers in the SDK folder (not sure I'd go there...)
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