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I'm trying to find out from my application if the wifi is currently being used; as in not just connected, but something is actually downloading or uploading at the moment. Android (4.0+) seems to be aware of this since the wifi icon changes when data is being transferred. Any way for me to access this information?

Thanks in advance.

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After some more research I found the TrafficStats class. Don't know how reliable this is but here's my code:

boolean isWifiInUse;
long lastTx,lastRx;
Runnable TestWifi = new Runnable() {

    public void run() {
        long cRx = TrafficStats.getTotalRxBytes() - TrafficStats.getMobileRxBytes();
        long cTx = TrafficStats.getTotalTxBytes() - TrafficStats.getMobileTxBytes();
        if (cTx - lastTx != 0 || cRx - lastRx != 0)
            if (!isWifiInUse)
                isWifiInUse = true;

        else if (isWifiInUse)
            isWifiInUse = false;
            //ShowToast("Data no longer in use");
        lastRx = cRx;
        lastTx = cTx;
        hand.postDelayed(this, 1000);

Hope this helps someone.

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