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I am looking for a TTS(text to speech) solution for my small business. I have been looking for a way to purchase individual sound clips of numbers from 1-20, in several languages. I would prefer that there are no royalties or inappropriate license items.

After reading on this site I have found simmular questions but none of them answer the question fully or with satisfaction. For example many have suggested TTS solutions or apis for buisness such as:

NEXTUP, offers the "big dog" solutions like ATT and Cepstral but they can cost 1500-15,000 after speaking with them about commercial use. They do not seem to offer a simple solutions for my small purchase.

IVONA, this seemed like the perfect site as it offered everything right through the website and "royalty" free, however their license is very clear about how ANYTHING GOES if they want to change the license at any time ever. This is of course unacceptable for any business.

Remember the idea here is NOT an api or software, but just a few individual sound clips. Does anything like IVONA exist with proper licensing?

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You could post a request on Fiverr.com Marketplace and have someone/a group of people speak the numbers in the various languages you need for a not too large sum of money. I know some startups are using it to get professional voiceovers done with excellent results –  Suhail Patel Sep 23 '12 at 15:18
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I was able to use ISpeech.org to license 10k words for WELL under $1k. Their web api allowed me to download good quality and small size mp3s(other formats too) clips for the languages they offered. They also worked with me personally until both parties agreed on the terms and price. Was a great solution to reading the numbers in my game in many languages.

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