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I have to assign the different sizes to the td, and the width depends on the position of the tag in table.

In Jquery I can write

$$('td .yui-dt-liner div[id^=yui-gen]').eq(2).invoke("setStyle",{'width':'122px'});

changing the argument in eq. is there analogue expression in prototype.js ?


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All you need to do here is:

$$('td .yui-dt-liner div[id^=yui-gen]')[2].setStyle({'width':'122px'});

$$ returns a plain old array of elements with which you can just access whatever element(s) you need. setStyle is an Element method, so you don't have to 'wrap it' or anything like you need to do with jQuery.

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You can use CSS selector $$("td:nth-child(2)") - this will select 2nd cells in all rows

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