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Hi I'm trying to write some text at local text file with $ but the result is nothing. I try to write on an android device with my phonegap app.

I use the following code

     t.executeSql('SELECT * FROM flatmetric', [], 
      function(t, metric) {
       var mymetric = metric.rows.length;

       for (i = 0 ; i < mymetric ; i += 1) {
        var row = metric.rows.item(i);

          sendmetric += row.buildingcode;
          sendmetric += row.flatno; 

       $"file:///mnt/sdcard/koinoxrista/Collector.txt", sendmetric) ;

Where am I wrong?

Is there any other way to do this except twFile?

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In WebKit browsers twFile uses a Java applet, TiddlySaver.jar, to accomplish the filesystem interaction. However, the WebView in Android is not capable of using this or any Java applets.

Instead try the phonegap file API:

See StackOverflow: Writing and reading file in phonegap

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