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I'm currently working on a program to summarize text. I'm having an issue where, if something is formatted when you put it in, it's formatted the same way in the output. For example, if you put:

This is a test.
New line here. This isn't a new line.

then you will get:

This is a test.
New line here. This isn't a new line.

while I want the program to output:

This is a test. New line here. This isn't a new line.

Looking at the output for the individual sentences, it also looks a bit strange:

2012-09-23 12:21:43.761 Program[5877:303] This is a test
2012-09-23 12:21:43.761 Program[5877:303] 
New line here
2012-09-23 12:21:43.762 Program[5877:303] This isn't a new line

Normally, it would not have a new line before a sentence. While I don't wish to post the code for my algorithm, the basics of what it does is that it goes through and separates sentences by punctuation, performs tests on them, puts the good ones back together, and then outputs it to an NSTextView. Is there any way to remove all formatting from the string or the output in the NSTextView?

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The basic problem is that the new line is likely not a formatting artifact but, rather, an actual control character within the text stream that you're working with. You can verify this by comparing the string length to the number of visible characters. This matters because it means you need to inspect and modify the string content instead of looking for a way to remove some external attribute of it (i.e. the format). –  Phillip Mills Sep 23 '12 at 16:39
You're correct, it says that the sentence lengths are nearly triple the number of visible characters. Thank you for your help. –  sciguy1121 Sep 23 '12 at 16:51

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