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I'm trying to get the date of every mondat in a month. I previously did this for every first monday and it worked

$date = strtotime("second monday of                     $month[$i] $year[j]");

But this didnt work for every monday

  $date = strtotime("every monday of                  $month [$i] $year[j]");

I'm getting the month and year from an array.

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Why don't you get first monday, and do a loop adding 7 days to it until it is next year?

$first = strtotime("first monday of $year[$j]");
$lastday = mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 31, $year[$j]);

$day = $first;
do {
    echo date('M d, Y', $day);
    $day += 7 * 86400;

} while ($day < $lastday);
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