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If you have a select list set to multiple in ASP.NET MVC, how does the modelbinding work?

What does it return for your selected items, an array?

    <option value="mushrooms">mushrooms</option>
    <option value="greenpeppers">green peppers</option>
    <option value="onions">onions</option>
    <option value="tomatoes">tomatoes</option>
    <option value="olives">olives</option>
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Yes, by default a multiselectlist will post through an array of the selected values.

This article has further information, including how to use strongly-typed views with a multiselectlist.

From the linked "article":

  • Your model or view model class needs a collection property for the IDs for the selected option items, e.g. List<int> ToppingIds.
  • In the controller action method to which the form containing your multi-select-list POSTs, you can access the selected option items thru the collection property you added to the model or view model class.
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Yes, it returns an array.

View model:

public class MyViewModel
    public int[] SelectedIds { get; set; }
    public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> Items { get; set; }


public ActionResult Index()
    var model = new MyViewModel
        // fetch the items from some data source
        Items = Enumerable.Select(x => new SelectListItem
            Value = x.Id,
            Text = "item " + x.Id
    return View(model);


@model MyViewModel
@Html.ListBoxFor(x => x.SelectedIds, Model.Items)
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In VegTableViewmodel:

public IEnumerable<MultiSelectList> Vegetables { get; set; }

In the Controller: Get vegetables list, and then pass it to the VegTableViewModel's Vegetables property.

viewmodel.Vegetables = vegetables .Select(d => new MultiSelectList(d.VegName));

In the View:

@Html.ListBoxFor(m => m.L, new MultiSelectList(Model.Vegetables.Select(d => d.Items))
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