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i need to speed up my Wordpress blog. I searched around the web, but no success. I want to minify or compress my output html code on one(single) line, like Matt Cutt's blog. I tried W3TC, WP Minify and many others, but without result. I need script, plugin, function or something that works.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you can minify the template file and try –  Miqdad Ali Sep 24 '12 at 11:04

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This is really not the best way to speedup your site. If you do it in the template it make the files unreadable and hard to maintain for less than 1% speedup. If you do it with a plugin that process the output, it will slow down the render.

Make sure :

  • You use as few plugins as possible, for example it's much faster to copy tracking code (google analytics or such) in footer.php than using a plugin
  • You have compiled, cleaned, minifyied CSS and JS that is on your server and properly compressed files.
  • You use CDN for all files that are on CDN like JQuery on https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/devguide
  • Put mod_expire on your server and set expire date for media files far in future with .htaccess . This will prevent browsers from checking if files have changed (all the 200 status code you see in network traffic analysis)
  • Cache content using WP supercache or similar plugin
  • Install APC cache with enough memory (at least 32M for a single WP installation)
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Your first point on plugins making a site slow is completely wrong and should be updated: wp.tutsplus.com/articles/general/… This has been tested and makes no difference - it's actually harder to port your code if you add in a slew of stuff to your functions.php file for example. –  Zach Nov 26 '12 at 19:03

If your plugin loads CSS and JS files properly there is no point to say that they will make your website slow. 1. Another issue is how many database call these plugin make to render a particular task. 2. Whether that plugin check data from a remote server to update something like akismat and jetpack, thus makes these two pluin the most resource hungry.

  1. Proper coded theme can help you to load your website properly. like my own site ( http://www.binarynote.com ) score loads score is 99/100 in getmetrix.com
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