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I would like to ask how to set a layout such that when a user presses a button in a row, a popup menu appears next to the button, letting the user choose to edit or delete that row?

also, i would like to ask how can i make a layout such that when the user presses the add button, a popup dialog similar to the AlertDialog pops-up? Inside the pop-up dialog the users can input 4 edittexts?

Can the AlertDialog be amended to accept user input, i.e. EditTexts?

Is there any code for reference?

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One easy way to have an edit/delete button is to already have the button in your layout but set its visibility to View.INVISIBLE invisible. When the other button is pressed, just change the edit/delete button's visibility to View.VISIBLE.

For the custom dialog, use AlertDialog.Builder and use the setView() to use your custom layout inside the dialog.


Here's a blog post with some sample code:


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Thanks a lot for your kind help! –  pearmak Sep 28 '12 at 1:15

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