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i am trying to use Ckeditor with Rails Admin. Where I am using Carrierwave and cloud storage as cloudinary. After making all the settings I can see CKeditor is able to save the file on local storage and then it creates url of cloudinary where actually image should store. But problem is image is not uploaded from that local folder to cloudinary. Where as my simple file upload works correctly. Without any issue.

One more question which I have here is - what should be the storage name when I am using cloudinary? as for file and Amazon S3 we have names as file and s3

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Cloudinary's Ruby GEM includes a plugin for CarrierWave that is used by many of our customers. We are not aware of special issues with Ckeditor (but we haven't tested it though).

When you use Cloudinary's plugin for CarrierWave simply add include Cloudinary::CarrierWave to your uploader class. It defines Cloudinary both as the storage engine and image manipulation service (both are cloud-based). Simply comment out the storage :file line in your uploader class. All images will be uploaded directly to Cloudinary and all transformed versions will be generated using Cloudinary URLs.

Please take a look at the sample uploader code in the documentation page: http://cloudinary.com/documentation/rails_integration#carrierwave_upload

If the problem persists, it would help if you can share your uploader code so we can help making sure it is defined correctly.

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I am so sorry for not responding. yes sure here is the code , i have pasted both the uploaded carrierwave as well as the one which I was using for CKEditor. Point to note here if I remove the Storeage :file from Ckeditor uploader I get error and cannot proceed. gist.github.com/3845063 –  shinesecret Oct 6 '12 at 14:36
Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue. –  greetification Jun 20 '13 at 23:28

Make sure that you remove any references to CarrierWave.config.storage = :file

There are a few places you need to do this if this if uploading is not working:

In /config/initializers/carrierwave_init.rb remove all references to:

config.storage = :file

In your uploaders remove and reference of the sort:

storage :file
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