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I have two 3x3 floating point arrays. I stored them as two 1D arrays and wrote the following code to multiply them( here, s3 is the output matrix):- MULTIP1: li $t8,4 # $s7 has address of array s2 and $s4 has address of array arr
la $t9,s3 li $t1,0 li $t2,1 li $t3,0 li $t4,1

 beq $t4,$t8,MULTIP2    #multip2 is the next segment of program
 li $t2,1
beq $t2,$t8,UP1
li $t0,1
  beq $t0,$t8,UP2
  lwc1 $f22,0($s7)
  lwc1 $f24,0($s4)
  mul.s $f8,$f22,$f24
  add.s $f10,$f10,$f8
  swc1 $f10,0($t9)

  addi $s7,$s7,4
  addi $s4,$s4,12
  addi $t0,$t0,1
  j LOOP2
  l.s  $f10,zero
  addi $t9,$t9,4
  addi $t1,$t1,4     #update column of second matrix
  la $s7,s2
  add $s7,$s7,$t3
  la $s4,arr
  add $s4,$s4,$t1
  addi $t2,$t2,1
  j ENTER1

  addi $t3,$t3,12
  la   $s7,s2
  add  $s7,$s7,$t3  #update row of first matrix
  la   $s4,arr
  addi $t4,$t4,1
  j LOOP1

This code gives only the first row of the expected output matrix correctly... The rest is messed up.... Please help!!!

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  • Is this not just the dot product of two 3x3 matrices?
  • The dot product of 2 3x3 matrices results in a 3x3 matrix
  • Assume 2 3x3 matrices: A and B.
  • Matrix C the product where C = AB as follows:

    A = [a11, a12, a13] [a21, a22, a23] [a31, a32, a33]

    B = [b11, b12, b13] [b21, b22, b23] [b31, b32, b33]

    C = [c11, c12, c13] [c21, c22, c23] [c31, c32, c33]

    c11 = a11*b11+a12*b21+a13*b31 c12 = a11*b12+a12*b22+a13*b23 c13 = a11*b13+a12*b23+a13*b32 c21 = a21*b11+a22*b21+a23*b31 c22 = a21*b12+a22*b22+a23*b32 c23 = a21*b13+a22*b23+a23*b33 c31 = a31*b11+a32*b21+a33*b31 c32 = a31*b12+b32*b22+a33*b32 c33 = a31*b13+a32*b23+a33*b33

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That's correct... And the code gives the correct answer for c11,c12 and c13 but not the rest... – Anureet Bahia Sep 23 '12 at 19:45

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