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I'm trying to extend my Qt knowledge to QGraphicsView by implementing a diagram-ish application. Currently I'm able to select, drag and scale rectangles using handles. The HandleItems are children to a ManipulatorItem which in turn scales a DiagramItem of choice. I want to improve this by only showing the handles when the item is selected. My problem is this:

  1. If the item is selected, then the itemChanged() in HandleItem isn't called
  2. If the handle item ItemIsSelectable flag is set, it works, but the original item is obviously deselected.

My question is: is it possible to send geometry changes to a child while the parent is still selected? Also, the handle item might also be outside the bounding rectangle of the parent item.

The DiagramItem has the following flags:

setFlags(ItemIsMovable | ItemIsSelectable);

The HandleItem has the following flags:

setFlags(ItemIsMovable | ItemSendsGeometryChanges);
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