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Why can I set a faulString, but can't I set a custom fault code in a SOAPFault? When I throw the exception, the text "Code X" does not appear in the SoapFaultException. Someone could tell me why? Thanks.

SOAPFault soapFault = SOAPFactory.newInstance(SOAPConstants.SOAP_1_1_PROTOCOL).createFault();
soapFault.setFaultString("String Y")
soapFault.setFaultCode("Code X");

throw new SOAPFaultException(soapFault);
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From documentation:

Fault codes, which given information about the fault, are defined in the SOAP 1.1 specification. This element is mandatory in SOAP 1.1. Because the fault code is required to be a QName it is preferable to use the setFaultCode(Name) form of this method.

faultCode - a String giving the fault code to be set. It must be of the form "prefix:localName" where the prefix has been defined in a namespace declaration.

Notice that the fault code your're setting has to be this format: prefix:localName. You're setting: Code X, that is why you do not see it. Use this method and all should be OK.

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