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I have a Java program with a method that accepts 2 strings and checks if they are anagrams of one another.

I believe there are more than one ways to determine if 2 strings are anagrams -

logic - 1 : sort strings and check if they are equal logic - 2 : check frequency of the strings

and there are many other ways.

End of the day, we can have multiple methods [each of them having different logic] taking 2 strings and checking if they are anagrams.

What are different ways to check the performance of these methods and determine the optimistic one?

Any ideas?

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You can get

  • the time complexity by understanding the algorithm used.
  • measure the time taken for different length strings once the code has warmed up.

Sorting the String is order O(n * ln(n)) and O(n) space. Using a counter per character is O(n) time and O(m) for space (where m is the range of characters). I imagine which is faster is unlikely to matter in any real program, but I assume this is an exercise.

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