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Does Amazon provide a way to copy a bucket from one account to a different account? I am uploading several gb of files to my own bucket for a client app for development purposes, but when handing off the code I'm going to want to switch the bucket to their account (so I am no longer paying for the storage). Uploading is taking quite awhile because there are many small files, and I would like to avoid the same arduous process later, when I move the files into the other bucket.

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You could use crossftp ( ) to server transfer it from one account to another. But you will still have to pay the traffic.

other solution would be:

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thanks. I guess they don't have the api call that I want. I found that you can do a "copy" from one bucket to another but you still have to list the files, there's not bulk copy (that I can tell). – bantic Aug 12 '09 at 19:55

boto works well. According to the creator of boto:

Assuming you have account A and account B and all of the objects are currently stored in a bucket owned by account A, you should be able to grant account B read access to the existing bucket(s) and then, using the account B credentials COPY the objects into a bucket(s) owned by account B. I think something like this should work:

 conn = S3Connection(...) source_bucket =
 conn.lookup(source_bucket_name) dest_bucket =
 conn.lookup(dest_bucket_name) source_key =
 source_bucket.lookup(key_name) dest_key = source_key.copy(dest_bucket,
 key_name, preserve_acl=True)

This would create a key of the same name in the destination bucket and would also preserve the source key's ACL and metadata.

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