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In most examples for ICS+ button bars, namely this one by a Google engineer: https://gist.github.com/2357306

I see a reference to these styles:


So I opened up Android's attrs.xml, and this is what I see:

    <!-- Style for buttons within button bars -->
    <attr name="buttonBarButtonStyle" format="reference" />

    <!-- Style for button bars -->
    <attr name="buttonBarStyle" format="reference" />

That's it. So maybe it's a style, right? Here's styles.xml:

    <style name="Widget.Holo.ButtonBar">
        <item name="android:divider">?android:attr/dividerVertical</item>

    <style name="Widget.Holo.ButtonBar.Button">

Huh? And yet Eclipse and devices are able to render them like this:

Button bar on ICS

So how is it getting the right dimensions and stuff? The reason I need them is that I want to use this style of button bar on Gingerbread and below, which lack the buttonBarStyle attribute. Thus, they render wrong:

Button bar on GB

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This is because of style inheritance. Widget.Holo.ButtonBar inherits all styles of "Widget.Holo" and "Widget" as well.

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