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straight to the point: Im learning wxsmith and wxwidgets toolkit, i created some basic GUI containing one button and 2 static text fields. GUI is compilling ok so far. My frame name is proba2Frame, then im adding my own function which is not a member of any class but i declared in header file for proba2Frame that my function is a friend. Below is code of my function:

   wxStaticText * dawajpointera()
    wxStaticText * text;
    text = proba2Frame.wxStaticText.StaticText1;
    return text;

im getting error:

expected primary-expression before ‘.’ token

What exactly im doing wrong and how to get a pointer StaticText in case my solution is completely wrong ?

Thank You in advance

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Not enough context in the question but to access static class members use ::. – hmjd Sep 23 '12 at 21:34
TU POLACY. Przejmujemy ten wątek. WPISUJCIE MIASTA!!!1 – Michał Miszczyszyn Sep 23 '12 at 21:52
@hjmd "static text" referred to the wxStaticText widget, not C++'s static construct. – vinnydiehl Sep 24 '12 at 14:50

You make it sound like proba2Frame is the name of a class inheriting wxFrame?

If so, you're haveing problems because you haven't created an instance of proba2Frame, and you're trying to access a part of it that hasn't been constructed. Your main frame class is simply a template for your GUI, not the GUI itself.

The best way to go about it would probably be to take an instance of proba2Frame as a parameter-

wxStaticText* dawajpointera(proba2Frame *frame)
    return frame->StaticText1;

Of course, that function itself was a bit pointless, but I'll assume that you're going to do something more involved with the pointer afterwards, and want it set to a pointer named text within the function for the sake of brevity.

void func(proba2Frame *frame)
    wxStaticText *text = frame->StaticText1;
    // Do something with text

If you're doing this, though, please consider making the function a method of proba2Frame.

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wxStaticText is the name of a wxWidgets class. You should not be naming attributes of your frame 'wxStaticText'. Despite the code you have posted, I doubt that you have really done such a terrible thing. What you probably meant to write, I would guess, is:

text =  proba2Frame.StaticText1;

I am guessing that the name of the attribute is StaticText1, a pointer to an instance of the wxStaticText class.

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I tried that also, same error. But you are right, StaticText1 is a pointer of wxStaticText type and is a member of proba2Frame class, as stated in header file. – user1692950 Sep 23 '12 at 22:54

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