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I need to fetch data from database for backup in the form of insert statements

I need to do it against a user button click in c#. So i think an sql query or stored procedure will be appropriate to do this, rather than mysqldump.

Secondly I need them for all tables. Instead of writing table and column names they should be fetched from information_schema, because with dynamic names, changes in schema would not affect the query

If there already exists a solution, please guide me.

Edit : (Not necessary to read) Question included an unnecessary query which I have removed now. the first answer was not satisfactory but it was for outfile. I have left outfile because that works for single table and does not allow appending

Update : I have made a solution, it is posted, but looking for the better one.

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I am working on it and have not found any such plugin. So hep me if it is already done using sql-query. I am taking my time and seems it will take a lot. Still may not be able to get it perfectly working in long period :) –  Sami Sep 23 '12 at 22:16

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To get Data of whole database - SqlFiddle Demo

To get data of only one table - - SqlFiddle Demo

I have made a complex but acceptable solution. But needs improvement.

This is a complex procedure with complex coding especially the query which fetches all rows of all columns into a single result by group_concat and formats with a complex concatenation.

Need it simplified, efficient and working in all scenarios.

Some details of my solution : Following is the important part, other is just conditions/Looping (I am not handy with documentation also it needs time and suggestions, someone might help me in its formatting and improvement, Sorry for any inconvenience, however I will be glad for any help from you and me)

Note: group_concat(yourColumn separator ' --anySeparator-- ') is merging all rows of your column as one such that Rows are separated by --anySeparator--

select group_concat(column_name separator '`,`') into @cns1 from
information_schema.columns where table_schema=dn and table_name=@tn;

1 : column_names are got as a single value separated by

`,` => @cs1 = id`,`ename`,`did

select group_concat(column_name separator '`,"\',\'",`') into @cns2
from information_schema.columns where table_schema=dn and table_name=@tn;

2 : column_names are got as a single value separated by

`','` => @cn2  = id`','`ename`','`did

set @cns1=concat("`",@cns1,"`");    set @cns2=concat("`",@cns2,"`");

3: Missing letter (`) is put at beginning and end of Column names

set @res=concat(@res," insert into ",@tn,"(",@cns1,") values ('");

4: Simply makes res= " insert into emp(`id` , `ename` ,`did` ) values(" Here you can see why have I put separators (MySql Formatting is achieved)

set @temp := '';
set @q := concat("select group_concat(concat(",@cns2,") separator \"'),('\")
 from ",dn,".",@tn, " into @temp");

Above is the most crucial statement It gets all data rows from table as rows of a single column and further these rows are merged being separated by '),('

5.1 concat(",@cns2,") gets values of all columns in a single one.

5.2 After outer most concat now @q is

 @q = "select group_concat(`id`','`ename`','`,did` separator '),(' from 
mydb.emp into @temp";

5.3 : group_concat will merge all rows of that combined column into one value. Columns values will be joined through separators existing in @cns2 and rows level joining will be with '),('

prepare s1 from @q;
execute s1;deallocate prepare s1;
set @res = concat(@res,@temp,");");    

@q is executed

set @res = concat(@res,@temp,");");

6 : And We will get result as

 res was = insert into emp(`id`,`ename`,`did`) values ('
@temp = 1','e1','4'),('2','e2','4'),

And after @res = concat(@res,@temp,");"); we get

 insert into emp(`id`,`ename`,`did`) values ('1','e1','4'),('2','e2','4'),
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select concat("insert into users (id,name,password) values ('",id,"'"), 
concat(",'",password,"'),") INTO OUTFILE 'c:\\datas\\asd.txt' from users
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