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As far as I can judge, the CSS-Rule "dijitRequired" is used to mark a required input field. Yet, this style is not set when I apply the "required"-Attribute to a dijit, for example, a date dijit:

The Dijit is built as follows:

<input dojoType="dijit.form.DateTextBox" class="l" id="datumsTestID" name="datumsTest"  tabindex="5" value="2009-01-01" />

The Attribute is set with the following Javscript code

dijit.byId('datumsTestID').attr('required', true)

Am I doing something wrong or is the style "dijitRequired" not intended to be used as I assume?

For my purposes, I patched ValidationTextBox.js to set/unset the class, but is there a cleaner (meaning: more correct) way to set the class or can I style required fields using other attributes?

ValidationTextBox.js, Dojo 1.3, Line 116

    if (_12) dojo.addClass(this.domNode, "dijitRequired"); 
    else dojo.removeClass(this.domNode, "dijitRequired");
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Hmm, I don't see that code in ValidationTextBox.js or anywhere else. My _setRequiredAttr() in 1.3 is:

_setRequiredAttr: function(/*Boolean*/ value){
this.required = value;
dijit.setWaiState(this.focusNode,"required", value);

Actually I don't see any references to dijitRequired at all, maybe that's something you added to your local copy?

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It is true, the reference to dijitRequired ist in my local copy. I have added it because I needed the Dijit to "look" required when they are set to required. My issue is also explained in the next post: Would it be possible to add this to the Dojo ValidationTextBox, for me it looks as if my patched version (below) should be the default behaviour. Or am I missing something? –  Vernade Aug 31 '10 at 13:47

Setting dijitRequired is not enough. dijit.form.DateTextBox has its own internal state. Even if required attribute is set, this widget display error only when it has been blurred. You can disable this mechanism using such subclass:


dojo.declare("my.DateTextBox", dijit.form.DateTextBox, {
  _setRequiredAttr: function(required){
    this._hasBeenBlurred = true;
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