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I have a webapp for android and iphone that uses a webview to display a web page. The page contains a graphic button implemented this way:

<INPUT id="OkBorder" type="image" src="ok_off.png"  border="0"  onclick="OkClicked()">

I would like users to see a click effect (image on button changes to ok_on.png then back again to ok_off.png) just before redirecting them to a new page.

I tried to use :

function OkClicked() 
   button = document.getElementById("OkBorder");
   button.src = "ok_on.png";

but i don't see the image change when i click it...

Is there a way to show a button click effect this way in a webview ?

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I don't think button.src is right because the src is not a javasript command. Is this what you wanted to do, if not then you might want to try d. Other sites seem to use hidden and visable which you might want to try.

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