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What does [PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.Shared)] mean?

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To add to Julien's answer, I think conceptually you can think of it as a Singleton.

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It means that, when requesting an instance of a class decorated with [PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.Shared)], the CompositionContainer will always return the same instance of this class and not create a new one.

class Foo


The above class will give the following result:

private void Test()
  var foo1 = Container.GetExportedValue<Foo>();
  var foo2 = Container.GetExportedValue<Foo>();
  Console.WriteLine(foo1 == foo2); // => True
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I can get around that by adding [PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.NonShared)] but it also brings up a few more issues. Such as object lifecycle. When do these objects get disposed? –  Kelly Jun 26 '14 at 23:58

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