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I'm trying to add a string to a list in order to make it a tuple

For example, making:

a = [12,23,45,67,89]  
string = "John"  

Turn into:

tuple = [(12,'John'),(23,'John'),(45,'John'),(67,'John'),(89,'John')]

I tried:

string2 = string * len(a)
tuple = zip(a,string2)

but this returned:

tuple = [(12,'J'),(23,'o')...]

Thanks for any help

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>>> a = [12,23,45,67,89]
>>> string = "John"
>>> my_tuple = [(i,string) for i in a]
>>> print my_tuple

You can iterate over each position within a string so zip causes the behavior you were seeing previously.

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Perfect, thank you very much –  Daniel Sep 23 '12 at 23:16
@Daniel You're welcome. Also, I would recommend using a name other than tuple - tuple is the name of the function which is used by python to create tuples, so it's best not to overwrite it. –  chucksmash Sep 23 '12 at 23:17
Yeah, I just used "Tuple" on here just to be more clear rather than the ones I am currently working with. –  Daniel Sep 23 '12 at 23:20

If you want to use zip(), then create a list for your string variable before multiplying:

string2 = [string] * len(a)
tuples = zip(a,string2)
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