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Recently, I studied and used the architecture of osmdroid project.

In the beginning, I downloaded the osmdroid-android-3.0.5.jar and inserted it into my android program. It ran smoothly and quickly, especially in loading local map tiles. But I cannot find the code resources for version '3.0.5'.

I found the code resources for version '3.0.8', so I moved it into my project. And then something terrible happened: Loading local map tiles is very slow !!! When I change the zoom-level of mapview, some map tiles which belong to the last zoom-level just remain !!! The feeling about operation of this software becomes poor !!!

So, how to can I solve this problem ? And where can I find the code resources for version osmdroid-3.0.5 ?

Thank you very much for the response !!!

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osmdroid source code is available on Google Code, and there's a branch for 3.0.5.


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That is true !!! Thank you very much !!! –  Gallery Sep 24 '12 at 3:38

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