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I'm trying to write a test that clicks a link but when I run the test, Capybara returns the following error:

 "no link with title, id or text 'New Mwod post' found

so I put a 'debugger' and printed the response. The body contained the following:

<a href=\"/mwod_posts/new\">New Mwod post</a>

the test has the following code:

describe "GET /mwod_posts/new" do
  it "creates a new mwod post" do
    get mwod_posts_path
    response.status.should be(200)
    click_link "New Mwod post"

Any ideas why capybara can't click the link?

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The problem is that you're using get when you should be using visit.


get mwod_posts_path


visit mwod_posts_path

That will let you click links with click_link etc. To parse the response, you'll need to change:

response.status.should be(200)


page.response_code.should be(200)

I haven't actually confirmed that this works, but discussion elsewhere would seem to indicate you can check response codes this way from page. Although, as noted in that discussion, this is not something you should really be doing in integration tests.

For more see on the difference between get and visit see this answer and this post. (This is a common point of confusion.).

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Thanks, I read some more. get PATH and response.status work in normal integration tests. Capybara uses visit and page.response_code. Response.status is not populated via capybara, so that won't work. Thanks again. – CAB Sep 29 '12 at 12:57

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