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I'm attempting to combine all of the image tiles from Click and Drag using ImageMagick. It's taking a considerably long time to process.

More generally, if I have collection of greyscale, 8-bit png files that I want to combine (tile) into a single image, what would be the most efficient settings?

So far the strategy I've come up with is

  • Use convert with +append and -append
  • Use the Q8 (8-bit color) version

Are there other png settings I should consider? Maybe us uncompressed intermediate files?

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How many images in total do you want to append? What was your exact command line that turned out to be "slow"? How slow was "slow" exactly? – Kurt Pfeifle Sep 24 '12 at 21:26

Try montage. It allows you to join multiple images using one command.

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