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I was working in HTML, when I started having trouble referencing different pages, I started using data/css/styles.css and that worked fine on the page in the main directory of the Website (not inside any other folders), then when I did the same thing in a sub-directory (eg. "/home/") it didn't work. So I then tried using the standard /data/css/styles.css, that also didn't work in either the main or sub directories. So then I tried my final attempt with ../data/css/styles.css with luck on sub-directories but not the main. But when I the second (/data/css...) and the third (../data/css) on JSFiddle they worked fine. Is there something wrong with my compiler (Visual Studio Web Developer 2010) or is the debugging strange? Thanks in advance.

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If you want me to post HTML just ask :) – Kinected Sep 24 '12 at 1:49
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If the pathname begins with /, it is interpreted relative to the DocumentRoot of the website. If the pathname does not begin with /, it is interpreted relative to the URL of the page containing the link. So if a page with path /a/b/c.html contains the link dir1/dir2/foo.css, it is converted to /a/b/dir1/dir2/foo.css. ../ prefixes are used to back up by a directory in the pathname, so if the page contains ../dir1/foo.css, it's converted to /a/dir1/foo.css.

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