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I am trying to get nivo up and running but i am having such a difficult time with positioning. Here's my html+jquery code: fiddle

I am using the default theme but I have three css files:
default.css (comes with nivo)
nivo-slider.css (comes with nivo)
page.css (Personal css for the rest of the page)

Can someone please explain in which css file i'm supposed to do all the positioning, I am so lost. I've played around with all three css files for a hour now and I CAN'T move the thing the way i want. I just want to move the entire thing, as a whole. I don't understand why it's being so difficult. Any ideas? Thanks

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i never used nivo, but IMHO you can give your div wrapper around the nivo's DOM/elements, and style the position of the wrapper in your page.css. doesnt it work? –  bondythegreat Sep 24 '12 at 2:25

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