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In short, I have the most recent version of MinGW and I am attempting to pass options into the linker and the like.

For example, I wanted to change the stack size by:

gcc -Wl,--stack,[new size in bytes]

But it recognized neither -Wl nor --stack. And that applies for the other options too.

I'm able to compile my programs all well in good, it just seems as though I cannot use the various gcc options.

Is this an issue with MinGW, or am I overlooking something more?

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gcc free.c --Wl,--cref works for me, dumping a lot of lines. You said it didn't recognize. What does it mean? How did you verify that? –  Jarekczek Sep 25 '12 at 6:40

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I just confirmed in the documentation about passing arguments to linker, that you cannot have a space before the number, so it should be:

gcc -Wl,--stack,[new size in bytes]

Commas are changed into spaces, but a real space makes the next option gcc option, not linker option.

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I suppose that was an error in my question formatting, if anything. That still does not work however, as I still get the errors relating to the "unrecognized command line option" for both -Wl and --stack. –  Juser1167589 Sep 24 '12 at 12:33

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