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I have

public class SecondClass{
        MainClass main;
        public SecondClass(MainClass main){

And in MainClass (.class file) have aMethod

    public class MainClass(){
        public void aMethod(){
                //I want to insert 
                //SecondClass sc = new SecondClass(this);

How can I do this with Apache BCEL? Thank so much!

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'this' is passed as the first item on the stack. so the way you can store it into a local variable is with the jvm instructions ALOAD and ASTORE.

For example the following code generates the corresponding jvm instructions.

public void test()
    Test var1 = this;
    Test var2 = this;

   ALOAD 0      
   ASTORE 1     
   ALOAD  0  
   ASTORE 2           
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Currently I can not try your way. But thank for your answer! – Toan PV Jul 30 '13 at 3:10

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