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Neither my simple 'header' or 'footer' gets styled: all the other widgets (controlgroups, collapsible-sets, list etc) style as expected.

I'm reloading everything in the data-role="page" and then rebuilding the page like

$("#standings").load(url, function (content, status) {

Everything in the data-role='content' styles fine on load. I have two 'controlgroups' outside of the content that style correctly but neither the header or footer pick up any styling.

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I think you should use trigger("pagecreate") instead of trigger("create")... even if this is usually not recommended... :S

So, you'll get something like this:

$("#standings").load(url, function (content, status) {

I thougth you may wanna have a look at this link:

Otherwise, you can try to apply the classes directly to your header.

Check this link for more infomation: JQuery Mobile trigger('create') command not working

Hope this helps.

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Excellent!!, works now! – Pablo Sep 24 '12 at 14:32

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