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i have just follow the reference to add a folder in ckeditor/plugins and named it button-pre

and here's the source

var a={
        var format={element:'pre'};
        var style=new CKEDITOR.style(format);
CKEDITOR.plugins.add(b, {
        editor.addCommand(b, a);
        editor.ui.addButton('button-pre', { 
            label:'Button PRE', 

here is my question

when i roll the mouse to select couple lines and wanna convert it to tag PRE, but it always converts all the document.

i realize it may be setup by style.apply(editor.document) stuff.

so i have tried some way to resolve that ( for ex style.apply(editor.getSelection().getNative())

but i cant find any solution. it wont work at all, please help!

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This is not as easy as it seems to be. Please take a look on the source code of the div plugin which wraps selection into a DIV element. This might be an inspiration for you. However, note that you'll need a lot of skill in DOM hacking to avoid some pathological cases like tag overlapping:

<p>First [paragraph</p><p>Second]^ paragraph</p>

The above cannot be converted into this:

<p>First <pre>paragraph</p><p>Second</pre> paragraph</p>

as it's a wrong markup.

Good luck, anyway!

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thanks for helping, i'll try! –  Jana Sep 27 '12 at 8:02

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