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Can you tell me how to set the options for the makedroppane function I cannot figure it out. Here is my example code.

I know it needs to be a dictionary array but I am not sure were to put it. In the example it just has the [0]. An example in the actual docs of the options setting would be nice.

var options = {
    "multiple": true
filepicker.makeDropPane($('#exampleDropPane')[0],options, {
    dragEnter: function() {
        $("#exampleDropPane").html("Drop to upload");
    dragLeave: function() {
        $("#exampleDropPane").html("Drop files here");
    progress: function(percentage) {
        $("#exampleDropPane").text("Uploading ("+percentage+"%)");
        $("#pb").css('width', (percentage)+'%');
    done: function(data) {
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BTW: they charge money, they should provide support. – eckes Jul 31 '14 at 22:52

looks like you just need to combine your options into one map:

filepicker.makeDropPane($('#exampleDropPane')[0], {
   multiple: true,
   dragEnter: function() {
    //  $("#pb").addClass('show');
    $("#exampleDropPane").html("Drop to upload");
   dragLeave: function() {
    //      $("#pb").addClass('show');
    $("#exampleDropPane").html("Drop files here");
   }, ...

The syntax is filepicker.makeDropPane(dropPane, options) - more information at

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Create that solved it. I knew it was something simple maybe and example in your docs would make it clear. – chrisjmccreadie Sep 24 '12 at 20:07
Great! You may want to mark the answer as solved for future searchers – brettcvz Sep 25 '12 at 17:18

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