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I've installed WAMP on a Windows 7 PC, and it is running fine locally, as localhost.

I want PCs on the LAN to be able to view the local server. When they load my PC's IP address in their browser, they receive a "You don't have permission to access / on this server" error.

I followed this guide, but the issue remains. To recap:

  • I've added an inbound exception to Windows Firewall for port 80 for Private and Domain connections.
  • I've edited Apache's httpd.conf to include:

    Listen 80


    < Directory "c:/wamp/www/wordpress/" > allow from all < /Directory >

  • I've edited httpd-vhosts.conf to include:

    < VirtualHost > DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www/wordpress" < /VirtualHost >

Any ideas?

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The top-level folder must have the right permissions set (in your case c:/wamp/www/). Try to change

< Directory "c:/wamp/www/wordpress/" > allow from all < /Directory >


< Directory "c:/wamp/www/" > allow from all < /Directory >

Hope it helps.

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In my local Wordpress, the Wordpress address and Site address were both using localhost.

I changed this to the IP address, and the problem is resolved.

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