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Is it possible?

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Without more context, it is difficult to provide a concrete answer. – bbum Nov 29 '09 at 23:22

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The Objective-C runtime has a function called "method_getName" with takes a Method object and returns a SEL.

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Alternatively, use:

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Your example in the header is not quite clear.

But here we go. All selectors for all classes lives int he same namespace. Meaning doFoo on the class Bar, or doFoo on the class Baz will both be the same unique selector. This means you do not need to bother with the class in order to get a selector. Two nice ways to do it.

NSSelectorFromString(@"doFoo");  // If you have the selector name as a string.
@selector(foFoo);  // If it is selector constant inlined in your code.

Your question could also refer to how to return selectors from a method. Since selectors are first class citizens in obj-c, we can pass them around as any variables, and return them from methods. The type of a selector is SEL.

-(SEL)selectorFromFoo:(Foo*)aFoo;  // Declare a method returning a selector.

SEL sel = [myBar selectorFromFoo:myFoo];    // Get a selector.
[myBar proformSelector:sel withObject:nil]; // Perform this selector
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