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I need to get all user and group details using NTLM authentication.

Does NTLM use the active directory for storing all the usernames? Is NTLM and windows authentication are same?

If yes then what is the use of domain in this case?

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does NTLM uses active directoty for storing all usernames?

Yes, usernames are stored in Active Directory. NTLM just a challenge/response authentication protocol in which the client never sends the password over the wire.

is NTLM and windows authentication are same?

Yes, there are many names that refer to this same authentication mechanism:

  • HTTP Negotiate authentication
  • NT Authentication
  • NTLM Authentication
  • Domain authentication
  • Windows Integrated Authentication
  • Windows NT Challenge/Response authentication

or simply

  • Windows Authentication.

if yes then what is the use of domain in this case?

As mentioned earlier the client never sends his password over the wire. So in order to ensure the identity of the client, the server communicates with the domain controller in order to challenge the client to which if the client responds successfully it means that he is the one who he claims to be.

Now back to your original question:

I need to get all user and group details using NTLM authentication

You need to query your domain controller (AD) in order to retrieve this information. Here's an example how to get the groups given a username.

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Thanks for your prompt reply Darin. from your link System.Web.HttpContext.Current giving me null exception.what am i doing wrong?another thing, i need to get all users. is there any example for query the domain controller to get the list of all users? –  Sraboni Sep 24 '12 at 6:54
Are you developing an ASP.NET application. HttpContext.Current can only be used inside an ASP.NET application. –  Darin Dimitrov Sep 24 '12 at 7:05

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