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I am trying to change the size of the autoComplete (primeface 3.3), i tried all the below options but the size remains the same.

StyleClass > css file with width:600px;

but none of them increases the size, so how do i do it.

Note: i noticed that if i specify (width > PanelGrid size) then the panel grid size changes automatically but autoComplete is still in default size.

Update: my autoComplete code

<p:autoComplete id="autoTest" value="#{testMB.selectedTest}" 
completeMethod="#{testMB.completeTest}" var="test" 
itemLabel="#{test.name}" itemValue="#{test}" converter="#{testConverter}"
forceSelection="TRUE"  queryDelay="1000" multiple="TRUE" size="600" 
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It is just need to change of size ;


    <p:autoComplete id="yourId" value="#{YourBean.value}" completeMethod="#{YurBean.complete}" size="30"/> 
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I have tried that but it doesn't work, check the updated code. –  user1433804 Sep 24 '12 at 12:43

To change the size of AutoComplete., you need to override the primefaces' default styleClass for AutoComplete. Using firebug you can find out the styleclass name exactly. If you inspect the AutoComplete Element by using firebug., you can override the styleclass like .ui-autocomplete-input.ui-inputfield { width : 50px !important;

!important is noted here to insist to carry high priority.

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the simplest way I know is this: add a style tag to your page put this class in it : .ui-inputfield with this attribute: width:600px;

but beware by this you will change all the inputs that are in your page :)

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I did it using the below css

.ui-autocomp .ui-inputfield {
clear: left;
cursor: text;
list-style-type: none;
margin: 0;
min-height: 1px;
overflow: hidden;
width: 250px;

Just need to make sure that the selection doesn't exceed 250px, otherwise the close icon + extra text will not be visible.

Note: i got this from primeface css file

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