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I am using C++ Builder, and am after some help to make a function for some form actions. I have tried the code below, with no luck.

Here is my code:

int calculateAndDisplayImportantAppointments()
    int integerNumberOfImportantAppointments = calCalendar.getNumberOfImportantAppointments();
    if (integerNumberOfImportantAppointments > 0)
        // itoa is not standard (like any of this is)
        WCHAR strN[32];
        swprintf(strN, L"%d", integerNumberOfImportantAppointments);

        // not familiar with ShowMessage(), but I *think* this will work.
        ShowMessage("You have " + UnicodeString(strN) + " important appointments. Do you wish to view them?");

    return integerNumberOfImportantAppointments;

I am getting the following error: Call to undefined function calculateAndDisplayImportantAppointments when trying to call this function.

Can I please have some help in fixing this problem?

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First of all, please edit your question to include how you call this function. Secondly, do you have your project is multiple source files? And if so, are you properly building the project with all source files? –  Joachim Pileborg Sep 24 '12 at 6:41

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Sorry, very simple solution.

The function needs to be written above the section of code that declares it.

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