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I solved that query... but now I have to merge these two queries:

COUNT(AbhidayMaster.OfficeRegId) As AbhidayPaidSansthan,
SUM(AbhidayMaster.TotalEmp) As TotalWorkerPaid
FROM PanjikaranMaster, AbhidayMaster
WHERE PanjikaranMaster.OfficeRegId=AbhidayMaster.OfficeRegId
AND AbhidayMaster.DipositDate Between ('2012-06-22') AND ('2012-09-19') GROUP BY Zila)

((SELECT count(distinct OfficeRegId) FROM PanjikaranMaster)
(SELECT count(distinct OfficeRegId) FROM AbhidayMaster)) As AbhidayNotPaidSansthan
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How about:

   COUNT(AbhidayMaster.OfficeRegId) As AbhidayPaidSansthan ,
   SUM(AbhidayMaster.TotalEmp) As TotalWorkerPaid
   AbhidayMaster ON PanjikaranMaster.OfficeRegId = AbhidayMaster.OfficeRegId
   AbhidayMaster.DipositDate BETWEEN '20120622' AND '20120919'

I changed your JOIN syntax to use the proper ANSI/ISO standard JOINs - an explicit INNER JOIN with the JOIN condition right there where it belongs (see Bad habits to kick : using old-style JOINs to learn why the "old-style" JOIN is a really bad idea and should be avoided).

I also changed your date string literals to be language- and regional settings-safe - the format is YYYYMMDD (no dashes!)

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@user1673240: please do not put code samples or sample data into comments - since you cannot format it, it's extremely hard to read it.... Instead: update your question by editing it to provide that additional information! Thank you. –  marc_s Sep 24 '12 at 6:58
thanks for your help...... that issue has been solved.. again i am stuck in another query.. please see the above updated query. –  azz845 Sep 24 '12 at 7:00
please anyone help me to solve this prob....... –  azz845 Sep 24 '12 at 9:25
ok.... thanks for the help.... –  azz845 Sep 25 '12 at 5:00

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