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I downloaded the lastest version of cocos2d but I am confused as to how to use it with my current project. Can anyone show me how to use it with xcode. I'm looking to design a 2D maze. Do i have to import something ? Any sort of help would be appreciated.

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Two years later and you can just download and install Kobold2D ( which includes cocos2d and many example projects. – LearnCocos2D Sep 14 '11 at 22:31
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Yes, you need to drag the cocos2d files into your project, then they will be available.

This is a very helpful step-by-step resource on how to do that.

As far as designing your game, get started, play around, and look at the sample code. There are also very helpful folks on the message board.

Good luck!

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For the latest version of Cocos2D-iPhone (0.8.1) I've put together a tutorial at:

It includes everything you need for setting up the Xcode template, adding sprites and a small animation loop in a Hello World type of application, might be helpful :)

also deffinitely check the forum John posted, very helpful lot :)

Cheers, anton.

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