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i have done application using sencha touch 2. Back page logic is maintaining through the routes in application. Back logic is working very nice in both ipad/android device. One issue is causing problem in android device when we clicks the back button in device not closing popup select field popup.In this page i have select field, when clicks the select field it will show select field popup with option cancel and done, i wont select any option directly i will press the back button in android device. it is not closing popup, but it is going to back previous page but select field popup remains opened not closing. i need to close bottom select field popup when clicks the back button in android device. Can any one tell me how to achieve this one. I have attached screen shot of select field popup for more reference.enter image description here

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Without seeing any code I'm guessing that you've either created an own popup or that you've set usePicker to false on the selectfield.

Why so? Wouldn't set usePicker: true, suffice for your solution?

Anyway, do deal with the problem at hand and with the information you've provided what I would have done is to set a id on your popup (or css class) that enables you to identify it and in any relevant route function hide them if they are visible

var popupElement = findYourPopup(); //Ext.getCmp("popup") || ParentEl.query("cssclass") etc.
if (popupElement && !popupElement.isHidden()) {

Hope that this will help you!

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Thanks for your answer, sorry for late reply. As suggested by you, I have set usePicker: true and this doesn't seems to work. Coming to the other approach of hiding the element hides the overlay as expected but disturbs the previous view. I am facing this issue in android it works absolutely fine in ipad/iphone. – Ramesh Lamani Sep 28 '12 at 4:22
Could you explain how it disturbs the previous view? Maybe I can provide further assistance. What would also help is some code that shows us how you have setup the solution. – zelexir Oct 1 '12 at 10:32

You can also handle hardware back button like this:

if (Ext.os.is('Android')) {
    document.addEventListener("backbutton", Ext.bind(onBackKeyDown, this), false);

    function onBackKeyDown(eve) {   

        //do something
        alert('back button pressed');

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