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I find documentating my interfaces particularly painful because I need to type everything myself. So I figured that I must not be the only one like this and started to look for a way to reduce my pain but didn't find much.

My question is, is there a shortcut or a way to have Xcode autocomplete my comments? For example, I'd very much like if I type /** + [tab] that it autocompletes to:

 * [cursor here]
 * (maybe some pre-populate a list of arguments for the method below)
- (void)test:(NSString *)testString another:(NSString *)another;


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Use Xcode's snippets feature. You can create a snippet with whatever text you want, and add items in the text to be filled in. To create a snippet, just select some text in an Xcode editor and drag it into the snippet library. You can set the completion shortcut, so something like m-comment could be your standard method comment:

snippet editor

Typing the first bit of m-comment then displays the entire shortcut (and any other completions), and accepting the completion adds a comment with the parameterized parts waiting to be filled in. As usual, you can tab from one to the next:

inserted comment

You indicate that a given part of the text is a field to be filled in by enclosing it in <# and #>, like: <#method name#>.

Of course, one of the strengths of Objective-C is that the method name generally tells you what the parameters are. Repeating that in a comment seems like unnecessary extra work. Xcode 3 had better support for scripts included scripts that would automatically generate HeaderDoc comments with parameters. They weren't widely used, though, probably because those kinds of comments weren't really useful.

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My god, why didn't I think of that... Thanks Caleb! –  xidew Sep 24 '12 at 7:43
@xidew Snippets might be Xcode's least appreciated cool feature. Most of us still haven't learned to take full advantage of it. –  Caleb Sep 25 '12 at 8:37
@Caleb sorry to bother, but how can I make it for XCode 4.3? because that snippet code is not in my XCode, and I cannot run it handmade, <#method#> :( –  rokimoki Feb 6 '13 at 15:54

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