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New to objective c and would love to use the objective-zip framework for unzipping and zipping files.


Obviously when I compiled it, with arc, it gave me a lot of warnings. So I set the no arc flag for all the files inside of objective-zip folder (compiles fine now, no warnings).

My question is, since the example in the tarball uses manual memory management, should I change any of the files to use it with ARC (the objective-zip class files)?

or is this all I do?

Creating a ZIP file from a folder in documents directory - Objective C (ARC)

I'd also love someone to give a general guideline on how to approach these sorts of things.


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IMHO, dup to stackoverflow.com/questions/12171922/… –  ZhangChn Sep 24 '12 at 7:28
I respectfully disagree, but for sure there is some other similar question. In any case, the answer to the question is, if the code follows standard naming practices - ie init does not return an autoreleased object, then you can include the files (marked as non ARC) or even a library (.a) or a project that makes a .a. As a general rule you will find that most projects on the web that get any usage at all will follow standard practices and will work just fine. I used JSONKit, a non-ARC project, in my first ARC app with no problems. –  David H Sep 24 '12 at 11:31

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I ended up using the arc converter inside of xcode and it worked great!

Thanks ZangChn!

    IMHO, dup to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12171922/switching-the-non-arc-project-into-arc

    Sep 24 at 7:28
    (on stack overflow) 
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